Release Notes

v6.2.0 (02.05.2024)

ImprovementMaintaining archive file namesUsers working with archived files can now retain the original names of the files after processing.

v6.1.0 (05.04.2024)

FeatureAdded new PII detectionUsers with updated licenses now can have access to Full Body Blur (FBB) capabilities in the Precision Blur service & Full body Mask in Mask service. This feature is available with release of new gpu container redact-gpu 3.1.0.
FeatureAdded new service (experimental)Introducing the Mask service, an experimental addition to our service offerings. Mask service for PIIs like full body, faces, and license plates, it blacks out pixels like a censor bar. This feature is available with release of new gpu container Redact-gpu 3.1.0.
ImprovementRedaction quality improvementUpdated tracking service for more accurate and consistent results.
Bug FixBug related to vertical videosNow that the issue has been resolved, users can process vertical videos (such as those recorded on a camera phone) without experiencing any distortion or unintended alterations.

v6.0.1 (01.02.2024)

ImprovementDNAT improvementsDNAT improvements bringing better face rotation tolerance, face naturalness, and higher processing speed.
ImprovementSecurity updatesFixes to known vulnerabilities.
FeatureExtract service retiredExtract service retired due to availability of redaction areas as replacement.

v5.15.1 (24.01.2024)

ImprovementSecurity updatesFixes to known vulnerabilities, security improvements, and dependency version updates.

v5.15.0 (30.11.2023)

Bug FixBug related to video splittingUsers will experience improved video splitting without disruptions, ensuring that the output videos maintain the same frame rate as the source material.

v5.14.0 (30.10.2023)

Bug FixAddressed a critical issue related to the INSUFFICIENT STORAGE error unitUsers will now experience more user-friendly error messages, allowing for quicker identification and resolution of storage-related issues.
ImprovementFace detection model updateFace detection models have been updated with release of new gpu container redact-infer 2.7.0.Improved security: aligning with best practices and upgrading the security satus.

v5.13.0 (19.09.2023)

Bug FixBug related to the post-processing of detector when using multiple GPUsthe redact-infer container now operates seamlessly within a multiple GPU environment. This means that user can fully leverage the power of multiple GPUs without encountering the previous error , ensuring a smoother and more efficient workflow.
ImprovementFace detection model updateFace detection models have been updated with release of new gpu container redact-infer 2.6.1.This update is designed to enhance detection performance in data domains characterised by low light conditions and the conversion from RAW data format. Please be aware that as a result of these improvements, there may be slight adjustments to the optimal threshold values for non-standard domains.

v5.12.0 (20.07.2023)

ImprovementSignificant enhancement to the aggregator serviceimprove the performance and responsiveness of the aggregator service but also enhance the overall user experience. These enhancements will further streamline your video processing workflows and reduce any delays in frame aggregation specifically for larger videos.
Redact Start Time CorrectionThis correction ensures that speed benchmark results are more accurate and reliable, allowing you to have a better understanding of system performance.
The proper generation of AVI. files when processing videos with audio streamsAVI videos with audio streams will now be processed and returned in their correct AVI format. This fix enhances the overall usability of our product and ensures that video processing remains reliable and consistent.

v5.11.2 (14.06.2023)

New featureAdded support for Korean License plates replacementsDeep Natural Anonymisation (DNAT) service now supports replacements for Korean license plates. This feature is only available in API version 4.
ImprovementFace detection model updateFace detection models have been updated with release of new gpu container redact-gpu 2.5.0. This update will help to reduce the False positive rate for specific data sets containing blurry regions. The optimal threshold values for non-standard domains may be slightly altered.

v5.10.0 (04.05.2023)

New featureAdded support for opus audio codecAudio from videos encoded with the Opus audio codec will be processed unaltered.
New featureAdded filename to the status endpointThe status endpoint will contain the name of the input file. This feature is only available in API version 4.
New featureAdded Japanese license plates replacementDeep Natural Anonymization (DNAT) service now supports replacements for Japanese license plates. This feature is only available in API version 4.
ImprovementLicense plate detection model updateLicense plate detection models have been updated with release of new gpu container redact-gpu 2.4.0. The optimal threshold values for non-standard domains may be slightly altered.

v5.9.0 (30.03.2023)

Bug FixFixed colors changing after redaction.Redacted images showed different colors than the source image.
Bug FixAspect ratio of videos taken from phones are changed.When posting a video from an Iphone the aspect ratio changed.

v5.8.0 (07.03.2023)

ImprovementImproved handling of larger files.Memory handling in case of large file has been improved to use less memory.
Bug FixFixed a bug where larger files could cause errors.Uploading large files could cause memory usage increase to the limit and eventually cause an error.

v5.7.0 (09.02.2023)

Bug FixFixed bug where metadata information was lost during processing.When anonymizing avi files, the metadata would not visible on Windows and the anonymized video could not be played with Windows Media Player. This is now fixed.

v5.6.0 (04.01.2023)

  • Improved large file support
  • Improved overall stability

v5.5.0 (06.12.2022)

  • Added possibility to report consumption through Reverse proxy
  • Fixed bug with OpenCV that would cause some data to fail

v5.4.1 (16.11.2022)

  • Correction for archives output to always return frames in RGB colorspace
  • Improved stability for longer videos
  • Fixed bug that would cause aspect ratio to change in specific cases

v5.4.0 (31.10.2022)

  • Resolve the issue of missing last frames when processed as archive for large files
  • Added filename to the On-Prem UI

v5.3.0 (05.10.2022)

  • Improve error messaging for redact "heath" endpoint
  • Faster processing by improved startup time for services
  • Improved status service with a health REST endpoint
  • Improved status service to receive new job information
  • Improved performance for face detector

v5.2.1 (08.09.2022)

  • Service to export log by customer
  • Fixed bug to resolve pipeline failure due too many file open

v5.2.0 (31.08.2022)

  • Added LP confidence final score in the label output
  • Improved LP detector

v5.1.0 (30.06.2022)

  • Improve efficiency of tracking service
  • All occurrences of the env vars are removed

v5.0.0 (18.05.2022)

  • Removed configurable concurrency
  • Improve blurring function speed
  • Service refactoring and consolidation
  • Deprecate error endpoint
  • Fixing multiple bugs including issues related to extremely large and small files

v4.4.1-253 (17.02.2022)

  • Fix deletion of artifacts to avoid disk space issues which cause large files to be stuck
  • Increase service start time to avoid Kafka re-balancing during start up
  • Improved LP detector
  • New micro-service messaging format

v4.2.0-244 (18.10.2021)

  • Fixed issues with messaging timeouts
  • Removed race condition in video aggregation
  • Fixed bounding box errors
  • Refactored consumption reporting

v4.1.0-243 (20.09.2021)

  • New retries and timeouts for GRPC clients
  • Increased processing speed
  • Better error handling for the death of redact-gpu container

v4.0.0-242 (20.08.2021)

  • Improved stability

v3.3.1-237 (03.06.2021)

  • Improved stability

v3.3.1-233 (01.04.2021)

  • Improved stability

v3.3.0-212 (10.03.2021)

  • Added support for parallel upload of large files
  • Improved product usability by removing legacy options person, analytics, block_portraits flag
  • Fixed race condition in video encoding

v3.2.1-211 (23.02.2021)

  • Improved stability

v3.2.1-210 (13.02.2021)

  • Improved UI persistence
  • Improved input/output consistency of custom labels
  • Fixed speed issue with custom labels
  • Fixed handling of spaces in video names

v3.2.0-209 (25.01.2021)

  • Added support for reprocessing using custom labels
  • Added persistence to UI
  • Improved stability

v3.1.1-208 (07.12.2020)

  • Added experimental support for custom face_determination_threshold
  • Added quicktime support for HEVC encoded videos
  • Improved disk usage during processing
  • Improved scalability of handling incoming http requests
  • Improved stability

v3.0.0-190 (11.11.2020)

  • Improved stability
  • Improved color consistency for synthetic license plate replacements (DNAT)
  • Added experimental support for custom lp_determination_threshold

v3.0.0-188 (30.10.2020)

  • Improved bounding box format for metadata endpoint (direct JSON response)
  • Misc fixes and improvements

v3.0.0-187 (20.10.2020)

  • Added API endpoint for downloading metadata
  • Added “Constant Rate Factor” (CRF) parameter for video encoding
  • Improved focus/usability of API endpoints (removed endpoints for stream outputs and meta data embedding)

v3.0.0-186 (09.10.2020)

  • Misc fixes and improvements