Release Notes

v5.0.0 (18.05.2022)

  • Removed configurable concurrency
  • Improve blurring function speed
  • Service refactoring and consolidation
  • Deprecate error endpoint
  • Fixing multiple bugs including issues related to extremely large and small files

v4.4.1-253 (17.02.2022)

  • Fix deletion of artifacts to avoid disk space issues which cause large files to be stuck
  • Increase service start time to avoid Kafka re-balancing during start up
  • Improved LP detector
  • New micro-service messaging format

v4.2.0-244 (18.10.2021)

  • Fixed issues with messaging timeouts
  • Removed race condition in video aggregation
  • Fixed bounding box errors
  • Refactored consumption reporting

v4.1.0-243 (20.09.2021)

  • New retries and timeouts for GRPC clients
  • Increased processing speed
  • Better error handling for the death of redact-gpu container

v4.0.0-242 (20.08.2021)

  • Improved stability

v3.3.1-237 (03.06.2021)

  • Improved stability

v3.3.1-233 (01.04.2021)

  • Improved stability

v3.3.0-212 (10.03.2021)

  • Added support for parallel upload of large files
  • Improved product usability by removing legacy options person, analytics, block_portraits flag
  • Fixed race condition in video encoding

v3.2.1-211 (23.02.2021)

  • Improved stability

v3.2.1-210 (13.02.2021)

  • Improved UI persistence
  • Improved input/output consistency of custom labels
  • Fixed speed issue with custom labels
  • Fixed handling of spaces in video names

v3.2.0-209 (25.01.2021)

  • Added support for reprocessing using custom labels
  • Added persistence to UI
  • Improved stability

v3.1.1-208 (07.12.2020)

  • Added experimental support for custom face_determination_threshold
  • Added quicktime support for HEVC encoded videos
  • Improved disk usage during processing
  • Improved scalability of handling incoming http requests
  • Improved stability

v3.0.0-190 (11.11.2020)

  • Improved stability
  • Improved color consistency for synthetic license plate replacements (DNAT)
  • Added experimental support for custom lp_determination_threshold

v3.0.0-188 (30.10.2020)

  • Improved bounding box format for metadata endpoint (direct JSON response)
  • Misc fixes and improvements

v3.0.0-187 (20.10.2020)

  • Added API endpoint for downloading metadata
  • Added “Constant Rate Factor” (CRF) parameter for video encoding
  • Improved focus/usability of API endpoints (removed endpoints for stream outputs and meta data embedding)

v3.0.0-186 (09.10.2020)

  • Misc fixes and improvements

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