Getting Started


In order to use brighter Redact Online you will need a subscription key. You can either instantly get a free trial key or get in touch with our sales to get a full license.

Just click on the link below to get your key:
Get your key now

You will need to add this subscription key to every request you make to the API. This can be done in two ways:

  • either via a query parameter (as stated at each endpoint)
  • or via an http header
    curl [...] --header 'api-key: XYZ'

Submitting a file for anonymization

For this example, we are going to blur faces and license plates on an image. For details on how to achieve other use-cases please refer to the API Reference.

To start anonymization of a file you just need to make a simple POST request:

curl --request POST \
  --url 'https://api.brighter.ai/blur/v4/images' \
  --header 'api-key: [YOUR_API_KEY]' \
  --form file=@[YOUR_IMAGE_FILE]

The response of this operation will be a JSON containing an output_id:

Checking status of anonymization

Now that your file is processing let's go ahead and check the status of the job:

curl --request GET \
  --url https://api.brighter.ai/blur/v4/images/[YOUR_OUTPUT_ID]/status \
  --header 'api-key:  [YOUR_API_KEY]'

The response will be a JSON like this:

  "client_id": "[YOUR_CLIENT_ID]",
  "end_timestamp": 1603178211.7228026,
  "estimated_time_to_completion": 0.21264840000000002,
  "out_type": "image",
  "output_id": "[YOUR_OUTPUT_ID]",
  "service": "blur",
  "start_timestamp": 1603178200.552463,
  "state": "completed"

The most important field here is state. If its value is completed then your file is ready to be downloaded. If it's still active then you want to continue polling this endpoint to check until it's finished.

Downloading the result

Once the job is completed you can download the file:

curl --request GET \
  --url https://api.brighter.ai/blur/v4/images/[YOUR_OUTPUT_ID] \
  --header 'api-key: [YOUR_API_KEY] \
  --output [OUTPUT_FILENAME]

Deleting the result from the servers

After you've successfully downloaded the anonymized file and stored it in a safe place you can go ahead and delete the job from our servers.
Note that jobs are automatically deleted 24 hours after completion to ensure maximum privacy. The input file is only stored for processing purposes and is deleted immediately once the anonymized file is ready. This means that this step is completely optional but recommended.

curl --request DELETE \
  --url https://api.brighter.ai/blur/v4/images/[YOUR_OUTPUT_ID] \
  --header 'api-key: [YOUR_API_KEY]'

What’s Next

Read our API documentation