Running Redact Enterprise Onpremise

Start an instance of brighter Redact Enterprise.

Running brighter Redact Enterprise

Start an instance of brighter Redact Enterprise, consisting of three redact containers which are managed by docker-compose. The necessary resources to start brighter Redact Enterprise can be found in our corresponding GitHub repository.

brighter Redact Enterprise

brighter Redact Enterprise is an ecosystem comprising of three containers which are managed by docker-compose. The three containers - redact, redact-gpu and redact-utils are described in the architecture below.

Running brighter Redact services


Log in to the brighter AI docker registry with your credentials:

docker login docker.brighter.ai

Make sure you have access to your redact license file. For this guide, we'll assume that it's stored within the same folder as the docker-compose.yaml file and named ./license.bal

Usage-based licensesIf you're using a usage-based license you must have an active internet connection at all times!

Starting brighter Redact Enterprise

  1. (optional) Change the default configuration as described below

  2. Start redact in default configuration by running:
    if you also want to start the graphical user interface add the -u flag
    ./start_redact.sh -u

  3. Start anonymizing using the ui ($HOSTIP:8080/ui), sra ($HOSTIP:8080/sra), or the flassger interface($HOSTIP:8787).

  4. Redact can be shut down with the following script:


The configuration of the docker-compose setup can be changed within the docker-compose.env file.

Redact Docker Images


GPU Optimized Images

The following GPU-specific containers exist, and can be used only with the specified GPU type for speed improvements:

Standard ImageT4 Optimized Image

This applys to the REDACT_GPU_IMAGE located in docker-compose.env




The location and name of the local redact license file can be changed with the following environment variable:



Simply change the GPU_IDS variable to select your desired GPUs.

  • GPU_IDS=0,1,2 for GPUs with IDs 0, 1 and 2
  • GPU_IDS=all for all GPUs.

See here for more information.

Disabling Features

Disabling features can be used to reduce memory consumption and lowering the idle load.

DISABLE_FACES={true | false}
DISABLE_PERSONS={true | false}
DISABLE_BLUR={true | false}
DISABLE_EXTRACT={true | false}
DISABLE_DNAT={true | false}