Configure Brighter Redact Enterprise to your use case.

Brighter Redact settings

Brighter Redact Enterprise offers several options to better suit your needs.
These settings can be changed by providing several environment variables to the docker container at startup.

Tuning performance

    Sets the number of parallel deep learning processes. This should match the amount of available GPUs.
    Sets the number of parallel processes for all the other computations. This can be used to fine tune performance to the available CPU. Be aware that increasing this value will also increase memory usage.

Disabling Features

Disabling features can be used to reduce memory consumption and lowering idle load.

  • DISABLE_FACES={true | false}
  • DISABLE_LICENSE_PLATES={true | false}
  • DISABLE_PERSONS={true | false}
  • DISABLE_BLUR={true | false}
  • DISABLE_EXTRACT={true | false}
  • DISABLE_DNAT={true | false}

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